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Online, phone and face-to-face individual and couples Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus (LGBTQ+) and Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity (GSRD) affirmative counselling in Dalston, London E8, and Epsom, Surrey KT18.

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LGBTQ+ and Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity (GSRD) Affirmative Psychotherapeutic counselling

Growing up gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus in a world where being heterosexual or cis-gendered is considered ‘normal’ can feel lonely and confusing. Experiencing discrimination or microaggressions is often felt as invalidating of your sexuality or gender and can create internal pressure to fit into what is considered 'acceptable' or what it 'should' be like to be sexual. These experiences can have a devastating effect on the quality of your wellbeing and experiences, which may affect many aspects of life, including self-esteem and the quality of your relationship with yourself and others. 

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How does psychotherapeutic counselling work?

During the first session, I will ask you questions about yourself and the reason you have decided to seek therapeutic support at this time in your life. In the following sessions, the focus includes understanding the current situation and your experiences.


Exploring your early experiences and current situation helps me understand and feel the world as you do. I will offer you empathy and a collaborative therapeutic space. You can engage in Counselling for as long as you feel it is useful.

I offer an initial phone call, with no further obligation, to help you decide whether you think counselling with me will be helpful.

Fees and sessions

​My fee is on a sliding scale from £70 to £80 per session.

​Sessions are 50 minutes long usually at the same time each week. 

​Notice to cancel a booked session is seven days.​

My therapeutic approach

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