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Online, phone and face-to-face counselling for individuals in Dalston, London E8, and Epsom, Surrey KT18, and surrounding areas.

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Individual counselling and therapy

Counselling offers you a unique space to focus entirely on yourself; to reflect on and gain insight into your experiences and your reality. Together we will work to make meaning and understand the root cause of what is troubling you (past or present) and understand how this is impacting your life, your thoughts and your feelings in the here and now. 

Working together on what you bring to our work, we can together look at these issues from a slightly different perspective which may help you understand better yourself and your experiences.​

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Therapy can help people gather tools to support themselves with the difficulties they face, ease levels of stress and reduce critical self-talk. The exploration of your early experiences and your current situation helps me understand and feel the world as you do.​

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How does psychotherapeutic counselling work?

During the first session, I will ask you questions about yourself and the reason you have decided to seek therapeutic support at this time in your life. In the following sessions, the focus includes understanding the current situation you are in.

Fees and sessions

​Sessions are 50 minutes long, generally at the same time each week. 

​My fee is £70 per session.

​Notice to cancel a booked session is seven days.​

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Couples counselling

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