My approach

I am a humanistic psychotherapeutic counsellor trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) and integrate psychodynamic and psychoanalytic elements in my work.

This means I hold a belief that all people matter and deserve respect and validation. We all have the potential to be authentic and fulfilled human beings and have a natural tendency to move towards self-understanding and growth.

Some of us learn in our earlier experiences that our feelings and needs are not acceptable to those around us which may result in us being unable to fully accept ourselves, our feelings and our needs. These ways of being with others have shaped our personalities and relationships which can prevent us from being autonomous, spontaneous and creative in the here and now. This can lead to anxiety and depression, relational difficulties, shame, trauma and other forms of distress as we adapt and learn to ignore our needs.


In a therapeutic relationship, where there is acceptance, empathy and support we can learn to understand and improve how we relate to ourselves and others and our past experiences. This can increase our self-awareness which can enable us to learn to accept ourselves and our needs more fully and choose to make positive and lasting changes to our lives.


A therapeutic relationship where there is trust between client and therapist is an important aspect of successful therapy. I work to create a safe space where you feel supported by me when you may be feeling at your most vulnerable or distressed.


I have experience working with and welcome individuals and couples of all identitiesages, sexualities, cultures and faiths. I have been privileged to be part of each of their therapeutic journeys, through the tears, laughter and desired change.

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