I have experience of working with individuals and couples from a range of ages, sexualities, backgrounds, religion and cultures and have been privileged to be part of each of their therapeutic journeys, through the tears, the laughter, the challenges and growth.

I have worked with clients who have experienced the following issues:

  • anxiety and panic

  • bullying

  • bereavement

  • childhood trauma

  • depression and Low Mood

  • emotional impact of dyslexia

  • finding and understanding yourself, and break-out of self-defeating patterns

  • guilt

  • internalised homophobia

  • low self-esteem

  • learning to say no 

  • major life changes, such as the break up of a relationship, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job

  • performance anxiety

  • recovering from emotional, physical, sexual abuse

  • resolving concerns about sexuality or sexual or gender identity

  • relationship problems

  • repetitive behavioural patterns which leave you feeling unfulfilled or unhappy

  • sense of something not being quite right

  • sex and intimacy

  • shame

  • work relates stress

I have work with couples who have experienced the following issues:

  • escalating arguments/ circular arguments

  • impact of professional life on the relationship

  • loss of intimacy and sexual desire

  • lack of communication with partner

  • repeating destructive relationship patterns

  • learning to communicate 

  • same sex couples

Clinton Raminhos Counselling

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